208 Cassland Road, Hackney, London

A new two storey family home on an extremely tight wedge shaped derelict site in a conservation area in East London.

The new house has a Green/Blue roof to support local fauna and provide a Sustainable Urban Drainage System solution to mitigate flood risk.

Large high performance windows and skylights allow natural light into the north facing rooms, and a MVHR system will improve the heating and ventilation efficiency.

The design of the reconstituted limestone lintels in yellow London stock brickwork refernce nearby Italianate villas, built near Victoria Park with Mediterranean inspiration.

A 3d BIM model was used to coordinate the internal layouts with the structure and services.

The tight site constraints which imposed the compact footprint required high level ventilation and skylights to provide sufficient daylight into the bedrooms facing the busy road.

Since the building replaced an abndoned site with the last recorded building in 1948, the vacant ground was since filled with construction waste, unkept urban wildlife and trees.

The new green roof on top of the building was designed to reduce the risk of floods and support wildlife with an intensive wildflower meadow seen by the neighbouring windows.

The BIM model of the building in its surrounding was used to coordinate the interface with several boundary conditions and the slightly curving road

Shadow studies informed the building's shape