Borough Architects

We are a small and creative architecture practice based in Cambridge, UK.

The work we do is mostly set in urban contexts, which fascinate and inspire us in their complex nature.

We strongly believe that cities are the ultimate communal artwork, constantly reinvented by our own actions.

Each building we design, therefore, has a commitment to contribute towards our culture and society, and in every project we see an opportunity to benefit the wider environment.

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July 2022

A big thank you to the Cambridge Association of Architects who published a piece about our #69BR project in the recent issue of Cambridge Architecture.

Link to the magazine:

January 2022

We have submitted a planning application for the smallest office building in Hackney, London following two Pre-Application consultations.

Small as it is, the triangular site impose several challenges, including the replacement of a locally listed building in Victoria Park Conservation Area, and a busy junction on a major transport route

The new building is aiming to provide a Net Zero Carbon office for a local family run company.

More about #35BR soon

December 2021

Planning consent was granted to a small single storey extension at the rear of a Victorian terrace house in Stroud Green Conservation Area in Haringey N4.

During the design process, outcomes of our converstions with the clients are captured in quick and rough sketches which help us imagine together how the space we create could feel. These little studies usually raise more questions than answers and start revealing details of the next working stage.

More here: #4VR

August 2021

Nearing completion on Cassland Road near Victoria Park, Hackney.

The single family house built on an infill site which stood empty since mid C20 is located on the edge of a Conservation Area and facing a busy road.

The facade details relate to the rendered openings in local Italianate villas around the park. The site mediates between the neighbouring terrace and the rear of the streets leading to the park, therefore the frontage is developed as a garden wall turned two storey house along boundary twists and turns and safekeeping of the surrounding trees.


June 2021

Great progress on site with the construction of two new family homes in Mill Road Conservation Area, Cambridge.

The street facade brickwork is a play on the existing terrace details, and the new chimney at the terrace's end gable has a reminder of the neighbour's chimney side now covered by the new houses.


April 2021

We've recently received a planning approval for the extension and retrofitting of a single storey house in Cottenham in South Cambridgeshire.

The existing house was originally formed of joining two garages to which our design adds communal spaces, insulation and renewable energy.


March 2021

Another planning success with this two storey side and rear extension to a 1930's smi detached in Trumpington, Cambridge. Additional internal alterations will make the house fully accessible to part M(4)2 requirements.

The extension wall and roof will be clad in a zinc ribbon over the brick plinth, freeing up the access to the rear garden.


February 2021

We are very excited to recieve planning approval for a front and back extension with a substantial retrofit of an Edwardian family home in Newnham, Cambridge


January 2021

Work is taking shape on site of this single family home in Hackney.

The precast window reveals have been installed and brickwork is about to be completed.

Due to the tight site constraints a green and blue roof (SUDS) will be installed on top to support biodiversity and restrict the flow of rainwater.


December 2020

We are thrilled to submit for planning a new mixed use scheme of workshops and flats in Lambeth.

This highly sustainable scheme is located on the corner of a High Street and an industrial estate in south London, and hope to revive the city pavements and help in the recovery of the local economy.


July 2020

Our proposal for the development of a small garage site in Romsey Conservation Area, Cambridge which will provide two new family homes has been approved unanimously today by the Planning Committee .


April 2020

After some delays work has started on site for the sustainable retrofit of a Victorian semi detached in Cambridge.

Works include insulation internally with breathable woodfibre boards, installation of an Air Source Heat Pump and repair of the slate and lead roofs.


January 2020

We are looking forward to developing the next stages of this recently approved and highly sustainable extension in Cambridge.